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If documents or proposals need to be certified, we can fulfil all of the requirements.

In general, an official or certified translation for domestic or foreign use is certified by a notary or lawyer. Documents intended for use in another country must be certified according to the standards of that country, in general requiring a "Hague Apostille".

A translation certified by a paper document is sent by post on the day it is signed.

To avoid delays, M21Global has translator-lawyers available, qualified to certify translations. These certifications are accepted for domestic use, and, using a Hague Apostille, guaranteed by the Attorney-General's office in foreign countries as well. Thus, you need only indicate the target country in your request and you will receive the certified translation, ready to use.

Check our FAQ for more detailed information.

Certified official translation of other documents:

Birth and marriage certificates, judicial sentences, death certificates, notarized documents, company charters, commercial certifications, IES, criminal records, licences, contracts, driver license and IMTT declarations, reports, invoices, and anything else.

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