Translation Services of the Utmost Quality

At M21Global, we are guided by the principle that all work follows the standard of maximum precision and quality. Our dedicated team of specialist translators, native speakers of their target languages, ensures that our clients’ translations are faithful and accurate to the original, in different areas and different formats.

We translate between the main European languages, such as Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch, but also from and to other languages, such as Eastern European and Scandinavian, Asian and African languages, such as Mandarin, Arabic and Russian, among others, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with international partners.

The diversity of materials we translate is vast, from technical, scientific and legal texts, to software, websites, press releases, contracts, specifications, proposals and technical manuals. Our experience and our commitment to quality allow us to deliver excellent translations in areas such as civil engineering, environment, mechanics, IT, telecommunications, finance, marketing and law.

Our translation services are certified to the ISO 17100 quality standard, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

However, what really sets us apart in the translation market is our commitment to technology. We developed a customer platform that responds to the needs of our customers, because whenever our customers require functionalities that the platform does not cover, we develop new solutions that respond to their needs.

Our IT department is constantly looking for innovations, from solving file compatibility issues to customising the customer area for specific needs. In short, we find a solution for every challenge presented to us, even those that seem impossible at first glance.

At M21Global, every word translated reflects our commitment to professionalism and accuracy.

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Translation Services

Deadlines for translation services

We offer both services on two different deadlines:

Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

We are aware of the importance that our customers place on the visual presentation of their documents, valuing it almost as much as the written content. Therefore, in addition to providing a meticulous and faithful translation, we also offer graphic design and pagination services (Desktop Publishing). In this way, we ensure that the presentation and structure of the translated document remain faithful to the visual presentation of the original documents.

Our company has stood out in the translation sector since 2007, having successfully completed thousands of translation projects that attest to our quality and commitment. With more than 300 million words translated into more than 25 languages, we have an established track record that reflects our dedication to offering precise language solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each client and at competitive prices.
The certification of our translation services according to the ISO 17100 standard is an additional guarantee for our clients, ensuring that the translations are not only of the highest quality, but also faithful to the original content. The vast experience accumulated over the years has strengthened our reputation, making us a reference in the translation scene in Portugal. Thus, by choosing our services, you are relying on a team of reliable and highly experienced professionals who are ready to respond and exceed your expectations.