Certification Quality Standard ISO 17100

At M21Global, Quality is an essential pillar of our commitment as a translation company, particularly when it comes to the translation services we offer to our clients. Our translation services have been certified according to the international standard ISO 17100 by the prestigious company Bureau Veritas, thus reinforcing our commitment to excellence. For more information about Bureau Veritas, we invite you to visit their official website: www.bureauveritas.pt.

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The certification of M21Global’s services, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 17100 quality standard, ensures that all translations are in accordance with your requirements. This commitment means that we deliver the highest quality translations to our clients. Each translation job is subjected to a rigorous translation and review process by at least two experienced professionals, ensuring that the final result meets our clients’ expectations.

Our Quality Policy, particularly for Translation Services, is based on two fundamental pillars: the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our performance. These principles are deeply rooted in M21Global’s culture.

Translators and proofreaders must translate in accordance with the purpose of the translation project, including the linguistic conventions of the target language and the relevant project specifications. Throughout this process, the translator shall provide a service conforming to this International Standard with regards to the following:

All translators and proofreaders who collaborate with M21Global Traduções – Multilingues21 must have the following proven skills:

    The above-mentioned skills must be acquired through one or more of the following routes: higher education in translation (recognised diploma); equivalent qualification in any other field, plus at least two years’ proven translation experience; or, in the absence of higher education, at least five years’ proven professional translation experience.

    In this way, we guarantee all our clients translations with the best quality, competence and professionalism.

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