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Translation Company Specialized in Technical Translations and Language Services

M21Global is a translation company certified by the ISO 17100 International Translation Services Standard, operating in Europe and around the world.
We offer and guarantee: the best deadlines, impeccable quality and competitive prices in all our services.
We exclusively employ native translators working in technical, commercial and legal areas, using specialists from the various domains defined by the American Translators Association, and in more than 100 languages.

We have the best offer on the market in technical and legal translations

  • Areas of Expertise of the translation service

    Our services specialize in the following areas: Technical/Legal Translation: Aerospace, Archaeology, Architecture, Automobile, Civil Engineering, Commercial, Contracts, Energy, Engineering, Environment, Finance, Food, Health, Hospitality, Informatics, Information Technologies, Instrumentation, Insurance, Law, Lawsuits, Management, Marketing, Pharmacy, Railways, Telecommunications, Tenders, Tourism and such more.

  • Linguistic proofreading of texts

    In addition to translation services, we also provide a grammar and stylistic proofreading and correction service in any language. Send us the original and we will also correct the translation.

  • Subtitling

    We provide subtitling services in several languages, for business and promotional videos.

  • Website translation with SEO

    In today’s world, a company’s exposure to national and international markets is done via the Internet. Communications with potential clients and frequent clients has been revolutionised. But your website cannot have any errors or language that might harm your corporate image or offend local cultures. Your website must also be found by those looking for a product or service: this is the SEO function. Our company is prepared to optimize your website so it shows up first in search engines.

  • Official translations - legal certifications

    Translations with a legal certification for use in Portugal and in any country that has ratified the Hague Convention.

  • Transcriptions and voice translations

    We transcribe and translate your meetings, presentations and videos in our areas of expertise.

  • Desktop Publishing

    The final desktop publishing conveys an adequate image of your company. We also prepare the materials for printing, in Word, Powerpoint, InDesign, Illustrator, Paint 3D and AutoCAD, among others.

M21Global's especially competitive languages

M21Global translates from and into more than 100 languages: European languages and Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages at low prices.

In Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Italian and German, our work has the best deadlines, quality and prices on the market (October 2017 Benchmark).
How is this possible?
By making use of our resources, Past Translations, extensive Terminology Databases and Total Quality Management, Employee Quality and Demanding Management, we can optimize productivity and reduce costs while passing on this benefit to the Client.

We guarantee Quality - TQM: Total Quality Management

M21Global is a translation company certified by the ISO 17100 International Translation Services Standard.

Total Quality Management is the idea that controlling the quality of translations is not something left to a ''quality controller'', someone who is at the end of the production line of translation services and verifies the end result. It is done throughout the process, thus ensuring deadlines and quality, without surprises at the end, when delivering the work to the Client.

We deliver value and security to the Client, making use of the most advanced technology and processes in the various translation stages.

Following the parameters of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model for Excellence, M21Global's Total Quality Management strategies are characterized by::
• The excellence of all management, operational and administrative processes.
• The culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, namely training, streamlined processes and updating terminological databases.
• The understanding that quality improvement produces, in addition to immediate customer benefits, cost savings and lower prices.
• The creation of stronger relationships with Clients and Suppliers.
• The engagement of all staff, not just translators and proofreaders.
• Organizational practices geared towards customer satisfaction.

All translations use adequate glossaries, from the Client and from M21Global. If necessary, these can be specifically prepared for each work, in order to provide the best terminological coherence of all work.
If you send us your style guide or your own terminology, these will be faithfully followed during all steps of the translation process.

We have, among our Clients, many of the Portuguese companies present in the TOP 500 Exame magazine list, featuring the largest and best companies and multinationals as well as numerous foreign companies. On our website, you can see several spontaneous testimonials from many of our Clients.

The Client awards us their work and we deliver the contracted service within the agreed deadline on 99.99 % of the time.

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