At M21Global, quality is not just a goal, but a promise we make to each of our customers. That’s why we implement a “Peer Review” process in every translation project we undertake. This process is not a mere add-on, but a key pillar of our approach to quality assurance.

A Rigorous and Methodical Process

Our peer review process is rigorous and methodical. Each translation is carefully analysed by a second professional specialising in the project’s subject matter. This reviewer acts as a second set of eyes, bringing a new level of scrutiny and attention to detail that is vital to achieving excellence.

Impartiality and Objectivity

The review is carried out by a professional who was not involved in the initial translation, ensuring a fresh and impartial perspective. This objective look allows the identification and correction of any imperfections, whether it is a matter of terminology, style or fluency.

Continuous Improvement

The peer review process is not just a correction step, but also an opportunity for continuous improvement. Constructive feedback is shared between the translator and the reviewer, fostering an environment of learning and continuous growth within our team.

Alignment with Quality Standards

This process is in full alignment with international quality standards, including ISO 17100. Peer review is one of several steps that make up our rigorous quality control system, ensuring that each project meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Peer review is more than an internal procedure; It is a manifestation of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By subjecting each project to this additional level of review, we ensure that the final product is of the highest possible quality.

When you choose M21Global for your translation needs, you are choosing a company that values quality above all else. Peer review is one of the many ways in which we demonstrate this commitment.

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