Technology Innovation

At M21Global, we recognise that translation is not only an art, but also a science that benefits enormously from technological innovation. That is why one of our most significant commitments is to Technological Innovation, both in terms of existing tools on the market and solutions developed in-house.

Investing in technology is not a luxury, it’s a strategic need. We understand that technological tools can enhance the quality and efficiency of our translations, allowing us to deliver superior results in less time. Whether it’s through translation management software, translation memory tools or automation solutions, every step is taken with the aim of improving our delivery and customer service.

This innovative approach is not just limited to the tools available on the market. We also invest in in-house research and development to create solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers and projects. This level of customisation is what allows us to offer truly tailored solutions that go beyond industry-standard capabilities.

Our commitment to technological innovation is reinforced by our ISO 17100 certification and more than 15 years of experience in technical translation. These elements provide the solid foundation on which we can build and innovate, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of industry best practices.

By choosing M21Global for your translation needs, you are choosing a translation company that not only keeps pace with technological changes but also strives to be a pioneer in the field. This is yet another pillar of our commitment to excellence and total customer satisfaction, and is what positions us as a leader in the translation industry.

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