They Key to Projecting Professionalism

At M21Global, we understand that translation goes beyond simply converting words from one language to another. It’s also a matter of raising the level of professionalism that your company wants to project. This is where our commitment to “Technical Rigour” comes in, as one of the fundamental pillars of our approach to translation.

Specialisation in Diverse Areas

Technical rigour begins with a deep understanding of technical, commercial and legal areas. Our team is made up of specialised translators who not only master the language, but also have in-depth knowledge of the terminology and concepts specific to their areas of expertise. This level of expertise ensures that each translation is not only accurate, but also technically flawless.

Reflecting the Professional Image

The language we use in our translations is carefully chosen to reflect the professional image our clients wish to project. We understand that every word, sentence and paragraph must be aligned with your brand identity and the expectations of your target market. This meticulous care with language is what allows us to deliver translations that not only effectively communicate your message, but also reinforce your reputation in the global marketplace.

Strict Quality Control

Our commitment to technical rigour is supported by a robust quality control system, in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100. Each project goes through multiple phases of review and validation to ensure that the technical language is accurate and appropriate for the context in which it will be used.

Constant Innovation and Updates

Our approach to innovation goes beyond the use of tools available on the market. We actively invest in internal research and development to create technological solutions that respond to the specific needs of our clients and the projects we undertake. This level of customisation and innovation allows us to offer translation solutions that are truly tailored to the customer’s needs, going beyond industry-standard capabilities. It is this focus on innovation and customisation that reinforces our commitment to technical rigour and positions us as a leader in the field of technical translation.

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