Glossaries and Coherence

At M21Global, we recognise the importance of accuracy and coherence in any translation project. That is why one of our main commitments is to create Glossaries and maintain terminological coherence. We develop a specific glossary that covers the crucial terms and expressions for your sector before starting any project, be it technical, legal, commercial, financial, medical or scientific.

This glossary is not just an internal tool; It is shared with the client for review and approval. We believe that collaboration with the customer is vital to ensure that the end result is aligned with their expectations and needs. This collaborative process not only ensures accuracy, but also strengthens the relationship of trust between us and our customers.

Terminological consistency is crucial, especially in lengthy documents or in multi-phased projects. A well-designed glossary serves as a guide for all translators involved, ensuring that the same term is translated in the same way throughout the document or series of documents. This is particularly important in fields such as medicine and law, where inconsistency can lead to misunderstandings with serious consequences.

In addition, our ISO 17100 certification, as well as more than 15 years of experience in technical translation, reinforce our ability to maintain quality and consistency in all projects. We use advanced technology and translation management tools to help maintain this coherence, allowing us to focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture.

Therefore, when you choose M21Global for your translation needs, you are choosing a company that goes beyond simply translating words. You are choosing a company that is committed to understanding and maintaining the integrity and coherence of your content, from start to finish. This is our commitment to the customer, and it is one of the many reasons we are leaders in our industry.

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