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In an increasingly globalised world, companies usually have employees who speak several languages and who often take on the responsibility of translating international materials in their companies. Why should these companies use a translation company to translate their content, when they already have these resources in-house?

First of all, being fluent in a certain language does not mean that you are able to translate specific technical documentation into that language. Inaccurate translations can not only compromise the message you want to convey, but they can also introduce inaccuracies in the text, which in addition to the security issues, intrinsic to a bad translation, can affect your company’s image in the local target market.

However, even if your employees are capable of translating competently, ask yourself the following question: was this the role you hired them for? Or are they deviating from their core functions, compromising the efficiency and productivity of their departments and, as a consequence, of their company?





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With M21Global, we offer:

By delegating translation tasks to specialised professionals, you free up your employees to focus on their core functions, thus optimising your company’s resources. Translation is not just a matter of words, but of conveying the essence and culture of your brand in different markets. With M21Global, you guarantee not only linguistic accuracy, but also the preservation of your company’s identity and values with each translation.

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