A translation company speeds up the internationalisation of your business

If you are thinking about internationalising your business, a translation company is a crucial partner. This process presents a unique set of challenges, but also opportunities, in expanding across borders. Unlocking the potential of international markets lies in the ability to communicate effectively in the language, and respect the culture, of the target markets.

From understanding the nuances of translation to the importance of selecting the appropriate translation company, we present 5 situations where a translation company is crucial:

1. Business management Vs operations management

Managing your company is in itself a complex challenge and your focus will probably be on operating your business in the local market. It is possible that adapting your communication to different international markets can represent a challenge and sometimes even lead to you retreating from your internationalisation ambitions.

You will save time, money and mental sanity if you delegate the linguistic challenges associated with internationalisation to a specialised translation company.

2. Clear, correct and effective messaging in multiple languages

One concern arising in the internationalisation process is the correct adaptation of your business message to the local language.

This message is conveyed through various communication channels: from corporate communication to communication with the target audience. At the corporate level we have the message of vision, mission and values, while communication with the target audience involves digital channels such as the website, social media, press releases, memos and even offline advertising. The dangers of using an amateur translation are mitigated by using a specialised translation company.

We advise you to communicate clearly and simply, which not only benefits the translation, but also makes your content understandable to a wider audience, regardless of their cultural context.

3. Specialised technical translation requires extra care

Image of how a translation company can help with the internationalisation of your business
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If your company operates in specific sectors, such as:

Medical area;

Legal area;

Financial area;

Technical area,

a translation company is essential. Not only does it have the capacity, know-how and linguistic resources to master the terminology in both the source and target languages, but it also has the necessary skills and tools to transpose the content coherently. It is essential not to run the risk of creating ambiguities or failing to comply with legal requirements in your new target market.

Also, other areas have their own terminology, and it is important to use an experienced technical translation company. As an example, we refer to electronics, engineering or telecommunications companies. But there is more. When using a translation service, check for the existence of the ISO 17100:2015 quality management standard, a specific certification for the translation industry.

4. Avoid AI for your business translation

Immediate translation services are nothing new. Search engines such as Google and Bing have been offering this solution for many years.

Artificial intelligence is major news. Tools such as ChatGPT, Gemini or Perplexity, which are apparently capable of understanding and generating text in a surprisingly human way, can and are a temptation when we want a translation.

Machine translations still make mistakes and are nothing more than a direct translation of the original, word for word. Translation work is ineffective if it does not take into account emotions, nuances, customs, traditions and a series of other human factors that machines cannot yet master. They lack the “social skills” of humans, which means that effective translation cannot happen without human intervention.

5. Risk reduction

Your company’s most important asset is your brand. Your success or failure in any new market may depend on the precise image that the target audience has of your brand. Choosing the right partner can mean opening the door to a new market, bringing you customers and helping to replicate your business model in each new market.

The various steps you need to go through to bring your brand and your company to the world are highly challenging. A number of unforeseen events can lead to the failure of the internationalisation process. From cultural misunderstandings to failures in adapting the product to the local market, not to mention communication errors that can damage your brand image. But where there is risk, there is also opportunity. A specialised translation company removes uncertainty from the internationalisation process.

The opportunities that exist in the global market are tempting and translation can be your starting point. To this end, it is necessary to communicate correctly with local audiences. A professional translation company offers much more than just translating documents into English, French or Spanish; in fact, it also helps guide your company through the culture, preferences, particularities and needs of the local market.

Different languages are not an obstacle to internationalisation

Image of how a translation company can help with the internationalisation of your business
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Different languages are not an obstacle, but rather a springboard to reach new audiences. They open doors to unexplored opportunities and drive your company’s sustainable growth across borders.

Successful global expansion doesn’t just depend on overcoming language barriers. The adoption of a strategic approach is needed, from choosing a certified and specialised translation company to incorporating continuous feedback in order to improve communication. Strategic partnerships and the efficient outsourcing of translation services not only free up your employees to focus on what they do best, but also ensure that your brand speaks accurately and effectively in each new market.