ISO 17100 Translation Certification

Certified CertifiedCertified Translation company

Our translation processes are certified by Bureau Veritas, in line with the ISO 17100 international translation standard.

Technical and Legal Documentation

Comprehensive ComprehensiveComprehensive Translation Company

We translate all technical, scientific, and legal texts. We translate software and websites. We translate and legally certify texts and documents for domestic and international use.

Technical Translation

Technical translation specialists. Accuracy and professionalism guaranteed in every word. Secrecy and confidentiality when handling documents.

Legal Translation

Specialists in interpreting complex legal texts. Impeccable accuracy in legal documents and contracts. Secrecy and confidentiality when handling documents.

Commercial Translation

Specialists in international negotiation documents. Guaranteed accuracy in commercial agreements and contracts. Total secrecy when handling documents and contracts.

Financial Translation

Experience with the translation of annual reports and accounts. Guaranteed accuracy in annual reports and financial statements. Secrecy and confidentiality when handling documents.

Legally Certified Translation

Translated documents with legal certification. International recognition for your documents. Translations certified by a lawyer or notary.

Scientific Translation

Specialists in the translation of medical and research texts. Guaranteed accuracy in clinical and scientific articles. Total secrecy when handling sensitive documents.

The 12 Pillars of M21Global

Committed CommittedCommitted Translation Company

Our commitments to our clients

Fair and Fast Budgeting

On the basis of an exhaustive initial analysis, we’ll prepare a transparent and fair quote in less than 3 hours of receiving a request and guarantee you the best cost/benefit ratio on the market.

Budgeting Process
Competitive Prices

We guarantee the best price for each level of service, without the slightest compromise on quality, with the peace of mind provided by our ISO 17100 certification.

Our Pricing Policy
Careful Analysis

Before we get started on a project, we take the time to make sure we understand the texts that we’re going to be working with, as well as the client’s specific preferences. This approach allows us to offer a translation service custom-made to meet your needs.

Our Analysis Process
Glossaries and Consistency

We develop a specific glossary for each project that is shared with the client for review and approval, ensuring terminological consistency throughout the document.

The Importance of Glossaries
Native translators

We only entrust your translations to professionals who are native speakers of the target language, which guarantees an authentic and culturally relevant translation.

The Importance of Native Translators
Textual Coherence

Although we may employ several translators on a project—and except at the client's request—the final revision is always carried out by a single professional, guaranteeing the uniformity and coherence of the text.

An Overview of Our Approach
Critical Review

One professional translates your text; another one reviews it. This guarantees a fresh and impartial look at each translation, allowing you to identify and correct any imperfections.

Our Analysis Process
Quality Control

We implement quality checks in three distinct phases of the translation process (during and after translation and after review). This ensures that the final result is in line with your expectations.

Our Quality System
Deadlines and Quality

Meeting deadlines and maintaining a high quality standard aren’t optional for us—they’re what we do.

Commitment to Deadlines and Quality
Total Satisfaction

If, for any reason, our translation does not meet your expectations, we’ll take another look at it and make the necessary corrections. For us, a project is only considered completed when the client is 100% satisfied with the result.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
Continuous evaluation

At the end of each project, we carry out an internal analysis to identify areas for improvement in order to continually improve our services.

Continuous Improvement Process
Technological innovation

We value innovation. That’s why we continually invest in both the tools and technological solutions on the market, and also in tools developed internally, which allow us to maximise the quality and efficiency of our translations.

Technology and Translation
Process of Continuous Improvement

Recognised RecognisedRecognised Translation Company

Tangible Results from M21Global’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Overall Satisfaction

It reflects our commitment to exceed customer expectations. The satisfaction of our customers guides our work.

Recommend the Company

Evidence of the trust and value that our customers see in our services. A recommendation is our highest compliment.

Satisfaction with the Translation

The excellence and accuracy of our translations reflected in the satisfaction with our translation services: this is our focus.

Client's Testimonials

Recommended RecommendedRecommended Translation Company

The opinions that really matter: what our customers have to say. Read their testimonials and learn why we are your trusted choice for translation services.


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Our blog is more than a collection of articles—it’s a knowledge platform where we explore the latest trends in translation, share valuable insights, and address issues that go beyond our industry. It is our contribution to a richer and more informed dialogue.

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99% satisfaction guaranteed

Since 2016, in order to comply with the requirements of the ISO 17100 quality standard, we have sent satisfaction questionnaires to all our customers after the completion of each project.

The results are impressive:

  • 99% are satisfied or very satisfied with our service in general;
  • 99% are satisfied or very satisfied with our customer service;
  • 99% recommend our translation services to acquaintances;
  • 98% rate the quality of our translations as “good” or “very good”.
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A translation company speeds up the internationalisation of your business

If you are thinking about internationalising your business, a translation company is a crucial partner. This process presents a unique set of challenges, but also opportunities, in expanding across borders. Unlocking the potential of international markets lies in the ability to communicate effectively in the language, and respect the culture, of the target markets.

From understanding the nuances of translation to the importance of selecting the appropriate translation company, we present 5 situations where a translation company is crucial:

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