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ISO 17100 Certification

ISO 17100 Certified Translation Company offers translation services in Europe and around the World

M21Global is one of the best translation companies on the market in terms of customer service, due to our friendly service and ease of contact, the quality and price of translation, and the completion and delivery of the work.

Quality is of the utmost importance to the translation company M21Global, in all services provided to its clients, in particular translation services. Accordingly, we have now certified our processes using the certification firm Bureau Veritas (www.bureauveritas.com) with the international translation standard ISO 17100.

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Employing only native translators in the areas of technical and legal translation, who are specialists in various technical fields.

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In these translations the most appropriate technical and knowledgeable vocabulary is used, helping our customers to maintain a professional image in their market.

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In order to provide a service of excellence, in 1997 we began the preparation of technical translations with initial specialization in the areas of management and engineering. Soon customers recognised the quality of services, requesting more and more services.

This company has carried out thousands of translations of recognized quality, delivering the best translation for each case and at the lowest price. Since it was founded, our company has translated more than 300 million words in over 25 languages. You can trust our reliable and experienced team!