What translation service best fits your goals?

top3 0 oIn order to achieve a specific goal, a company or a private individual may need a translation. We are living in a global village, where our client, supplier, partner, or any contact really, may speak a foreign language.

There are numerous and different purposes for a translation. Without listing all of them, here as some examples of the needs that we are faced with every day:

  • catalogue for end clients (B2C, individual targets – low risk decisions);
  • catalogues for business clients (B2B, collective targets – increased risk decisions);
  • technical specifications;
  • technical manuals (for professionals) or user manuals (end consumer);
  • applications for the introduction of new pharmaceutical products on the market;
  • contracts (final drafts or working copy);
  • legal claims;
  • advertising;
  • public relations;
  • newsletters, publications in general circulation newspapers or specialized or scientific journals;
  • book publications;
  • publication on a company’s website or social media;
  • website content optimisation on search engines (SEO);
  • invitations to tender;
  • employee CVs;
  • personal or business documents;
  • certificates;
  • financial reports;
  • etc., etc.

The purpose and quality of the expected result determine the level of service, style that will be used, whether there is a need for a re-write, whether final graphic editing is required, among other considerations.

Before contacting a translation company, you should ensure that it meets the requirements in order for it to provide the required service. There are a large number of translation service providers in the market, and many profess to render a service, which they are unqualified to supply. Acquiring experience, technical knowledge, technological resources and terminology databases and training human resources requires major investments and time.

m21global.com offers the most suitable service, at the best price for each purpose. We have been in the market for over 10 years, having translated more than 60 million words in the most diverse fields, with the most varied objectives.

Our company complies with the ISO 17100 Quality Standard, specific to the translation industry.

When requesting a translation please state its ultimate purpose, the most realistic deadline time that you want (unnecessary tight deadlines lead to higher costs and prevent us from providing the most appropriate service), and any other unique specifications of your company and your needs.

By hiring us you can rest assured. Neither your company nor your position will be at risk.

Should you have doubts concerning the translation or if you believe that it does not meet your specification, we will answer your questions or redo the work until you are satisfied, at no additional cost. Our after-sales service only ends when the client so determines.

We are here for you. Contact us today so that we can provide you with the most suitable quote.

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