The Translation Company M21Global Can Help Start-Ups Navigate the Global Market

Portugal is now one of the main centres of attraction for start-ups in Europe. With a welcoming business environment, a robust technological structure, qualified professionals and specific government support for installation, Portugal is a logical choice for anyone looking to create a start-up with the aim of international expansion.

However, start-ups face an obstacle that is sometimes overlooked but, and as we shall see, of monumental importance: language and cultural barriers between countries and regions, barriers that can be real obstacles to the development and global expansion of a start-up. A translation company like M21Global can play a crucial role in the internationalisation of start-ups, wherever they are based.

The importance of translation for start-ups

Translation is of vital importance for start-ups looking to break out of their home market and look to international markets, allowing companies to reach diverse audiences, speak the different languages of their customers, corresponding to their different cultural perceptions, opening the door to new markets and opportunities, boosting the sustained and accelerated growth of start-ups.

Some of the reasons why start-ups, and all early-stage companies, should consider translation services are varied:

  1. Expansion into new markets: translation allows the start-up to communicate effectively with potential customers in new markets, increasing its chances of success by speaking the language of its target audience.
  2. Legal reasons: certain industries, namely food, health and others, have regulations regarding the languages present on packaging and marketing materials, requiring accurate translations into local languages.
  3. Brand reach: more than just expanding the reach of your message, translating your start-up’s content into different languages allows you to reach different audiences, projecting your company, and your brand, as a truly comprehensive and global start-up.
  4. Effective communication of brand values: translation makes it possible to effectively communicate the company’s values and mission in a clear and effective way to international audiences.
  5. Establishing relationships of trust: a correct, culturally appropriate and technically accurate translation helps to establish long-lasting relationships of trust with your customers.

The example of Portugal: a centre of attraction for start-ups

Portugal attracts a growing number of start-ups (70 % of start-ups in Portugal were created in the last 5 years), thanks to a favourable business environment, a strong government support and the existence of talented and qualified professionals.

As the distinction of Lisbon as the European Capital of Innovation in 2023 attests, Portugal is reaffirming its position as one of the main centres of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. The distinction from the European Commission highlights Lisbon’s ability to foster an innovative, sustainable and inclusive environment, setting an inspiring example for cities across Europe and the world. The award not only underlines Portugal’s commitment to innovation and technological development, but also highlights its potential to attract start-ups and world-class talent, consolidating its status as a destination of choice for emerging and innovative companies.

Some of the reasons why Portugal is the right choice for attracting start-ups include:

Access to the European Union market

As a member of the European Union, Portugal offers access to the vast European single market. The European Union is both the world’s largest economy and largest market, providing start-ups with a privileged gateway to almost 450 million consumers.

Competitive salaries

The salaries in Portugal are relatively low compared to the rest of Europe, which can be a competitive advantage for start-ups looking to keep their production and development costs low.

Robust technological infrastructure

Portugal has a robust technological infrastructure that includes an efficient transport network, a solid telecommunications network and excellent internet speeds. Portugal is the 32nd country in the ranking of countries with the best digital infrastructure.

Tax incentives

Portugal offers an attractive tax environment for start-ups, with tax exemptions for certain types of companies and a competitive corporate tax rate, below the European Union average.

Welcoming business environment

Portugal is recognised for its welcoming business environment, ranking 23rd in the ranking of the best countries to start a business.

Highly qualified professionals

Portugal stands out for the qualifications of its professionals and the quality of its education system, ranking 15th in Europe and 27th worldwide, according to the results of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), ranking above the international average in all the metrics in this ranking.

The role of the translation company M21Global in the internationalisation of your start-up

The translation company M21Global plays a crucial role in the internationalisation of start-ups both in Portugal and in Europe. These are some of the ways in which a translation company can help:

Translation and localisation of content and websites

A translation company can translate and localise your website content, marketing materials, product manuals and other documents into several languages, helping your start-up reach international audiences.

Legal and financial translation

A translation company specialising in legal and financial translation can help your start-up navigate the legal and financial challenges of operating in international markets by translating contracts, specifications, accounts reports and other specific documents.

Translation of software and applications

If your start-up develops software or applications (apps), a translation company can help translate and localise the user interface and its documentation into different languages, making your product accessible to users all over the world.

Start-ups can benefit from collaborating with a specialised translation company like M21Global, helping them to overcome any language and cultural barriers and communicate effectively with international audiences, allowing them to expand into new markets and establish trusting relationships with clients around the world. Content translation and localisation, legal and financial translation, and software and website translation are just some of the ways in which M21Global can facilitate your start-up’s internationalisation journey.

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