Don’t waste your time when requesting a translation

dontwastetime 0 o1 – You’re wasting time if you don’t identify yourself – An unidentified request raises questions and implies one more phone call or e-mail to which you must respond, which slows down the whole process. It’s best to identify yourself right from the start, so that we can offer you a budget that fits your needs. Send us your name or the name of the entity for whom you work, address, direct telephone number and Taxpayer No., so that we can register your quote. Don’t waste time, IDENTIFY YOURSELF.

2 – You’re wasting time if you don’t refer the target language – It may be just a simple mistake, forgetfulness, or because you always want to translate into the same language, but those who receive your request don’t know it. Remember that we work with dozens of language combinations simultaneously. Don’t waste your time, TELL US THE TARGET LANGUAGE.

3 – You’re wasting time if you don’t tell us your real deadline – You need your translation for yesterday and, for this reason, you state that the same is very urgent? Please tell us the delivery date for when you really need the work. Asking for unnecessary short deadlines does not help, it only complicates and increases the translation cost. Indicating the time limit available allows us to deliver you the most effective service. Don’t waste time, TELL US YOUR REAL DELIVERY DEADLINE.

4 – You’re wasting time if you don’t send the contents for translation – A quote request that refers only to the number of pages, lines or words for translation is not quotable. We need to analyse the text to be translated. On a quote request, there are several factors which influence the final price, such as the size of the text, the complexity of the theme, the level of technical specificity, or even the format in which it is delivered. If you have the document in its original format, for example, in Word or InDesign, don’t send us a PDF. Save time and money, SEND US THE FILE IN THE ORIGINAL EDITABLE FORMAT.

5 – You’re wasting time if you don’t clarify our doubts – When submitting your request, try to be informed about the translation process. The work goes through various stages, it’s not simply changing the text into another language. Don’t consider the translation company’s requests eccentric, such as the need of the award of service to be done in writing, the delivery of a glossary of terms used by your company or the contact of the person who can clear up any doubts. They help make our work easier and faster, and contribute to a translation with the best possible quality. Don’t waste time, ANSWER OUR REQUESTS.