uma empresa de traducao ajuda na internacionalizacao do seu negocio 01

A translation company speeds up the internationalisation of your business

If you are thinking about internationalising your business, a translation company is a crucial partner. This process presents a unique set of challenges, but also opportunities, in expanding across borders. Unlocking the potential of international markets lies in the ability to communicate effectively in the language, and respect the culture, of the target markets.

From understanding the nuances of translation to the importance of selecting the appropriate translation company, we present 5 situations where a translation company is crucial:

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excelencia e dedicacao na arte da traducao caracteristica da M21

Do you need a translation company?

Communicating without borders: the crucial role of translation companies

Translating is not just a matter of replacing one word with another. Translating is an art that involves much more than just the knowledge of two languages.

The need for a translation company is often underestimated by companies looking to expand their global presence and reach a wider audience. Translation is a complex process that, when done correctly, can open doors to new markets and business opportunities.

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Transcendendo fronteiras como a empresa de traducao M21Global transforma a diversidade linguistica em vantagem competitiva global

Transcending borders: how a translation company turns linguistic diversity into a global competitive advantage

Letting the domestic market be the only focus of a company’s business activities is a strategy that may seem safe, but is limited. At first glance it may seem that the domestic market offers abundant opportunities, but the truth is that confining yourself exclusively to your local market can subject your business to the unforeseen events in your local context. Therefore, it becomes not only beneficial, but essential for the survival and sustained growth of any company, to extend your horizons and embrace the dynamics of international markets.

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self feeding AI

A surprising amount of content available online is generated by artificial intelligence

Does your company use machine translation to communicate with its international audiences? Then this article is for you. A recent study revealed that a majority of the content found online is translated or generated by Artificial Intelligence, which raises concerns about the reliability and future quality of that content, if AI models use in fact the content created by themselves to learn and improve. Apparently, there is a closed learning cycle that feeds on itself, using content generated by Artificial Intelligence as training data for Artificial Intelligence itself. This self-feeding of data can lead to a progressive degradation in the quality of machine translations and AI-produced content.

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international commerce

The crucial role of legal and business translation in your company’s international success

Your company’s success depends on its ability to operate beyond your local market and national borders. Legal and business translation plays a key role in the difference between success and failure when navigating the turbulent waters of international trade. A translation company with the required experience and expertise in the specific area of legal and business translation is essential for your international success, ensuring accurate and effective communication with your audience.

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in search of the perfect translation company

6 tips for choosing the perfect translation company (and a bonus tip)

Finding the perfect translation company is mission impossible.

It is, however, possible to find the right translation company for your business. It should go beyond mere linguistic translation exactitude, it should also consider experience in specific areas, or commitment to technological innovation, as well as flexibility, speed and reliability in responding to customer needs, among other factors. Below is a short six-point guide to help you find the right translation company to be your business partner.

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A cartoon style illustration representing a hectic translation project

How M21Global translated 3 million words in record time

In 2022, we were approached with a request for a translation project of an unusual magnitude, in terms of the volume of work involved. The project involved the translation of 2223 documents, scanned into PDF format, with a total of 6577 pages, and an estimated of more than 3 million words to be translated. The documents ranged from registration certificates, to invoices and purchase and sale contracts as well as leasing contracts, all with considerable technical requirements. In addition to the translation, the project required legal certification of the translation, all within an extremely tight deadline of 2 months.

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roma granada

Between Pomegranates and Grenades: When Artificial Intelligence Fails to Translate

On Friday night (27 October), a tourist from Azerbaijan, who felt unwell, entered the restaurant Portugália, in Cais do Sodré, in Lisbon, looking for a pomegranate to help with his discomfort. Given that he didn’t speak Portuguese, he used a translation app on his phone. He wrote the word “pomegranate” in his native language (граната), which was incorrectly translated to “grenade”. An alarmed restaurant employee alerted authorities, triggering a rapid response from the Public Security Police and the Special Police Unit.

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