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Terms and Conditions

  1. M21Global applies all necessary means to perform a good translation and related services such as pagination, design, and DTP. The results obtained depend very much on the client's collaboration, who clarifies any doubts that have arisen in the interpretation of the texts and responding in a timely manner to the questions posed.
  2. M21Global is committed to upholding the most rigorous and strictest confidentiality concerning the information of which it is aware or will become aware of in the course of fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, or even before the latter is entered into (during the negotiation and proposals phase) such as documents, agreements, partners, product descriptions, plans, know-how or samples which may have been provided to the Service Provider by the Client, with the specific purpose of providing translation services.
  3. M21Global will comply with the Client's own terminology and style when it is delivered with a complete terminology glossary regarding the translation to be performed. In its absence, the Client should provide similar documents, specifications, drawings or schemes in the target language to those to be translated. Whenever possible, M21Global will minimize the lack of client glossary by developing an appropriate glossary.
  4. In the absence of a glossary or style manual by the Client, M21Global will use the terminology and style deemed appropriate, available from recognised sources, and shall not be liable for the use of style or terminology other than Client's, provided that those comply with the rules on correct spelling, grammar and syntax and that the terminology used is not contradicted by any competent dictionary of the translation theme published in any medium.
  5. The deadline presented to the client is indicative and M21Global commits employing its best efforts in order to comply therewith. Meeting the specified deadline depends on the client’s, or its representatives, timely response to the answering of clarifications regarding the text to be translated. The deadline can be extended for reasons attributable to the Client or its representatives or force majeure.
  6. The delivery of the work shall be considered as having been concluded at the time of its dispatch by “email”, mail, fax, or courier, M21Global shall not be held liable for any delays caused by the companies offering these services. If the Client does not receive the translation when expected, he/she shall inform M21Global which shall immediately, make arrangements, if necessary, for a new dispatch using an alternative method.
  7. M21Global shall in no way be held liable for any delays in the delivery of the work to the client caused by the Attorney General's Office when attaching an Apostille in accordance with The Hague Convention, when necessary, in certified translations to be used abroad.
  8. The translation is considered to be definitively accepted, in perfect condition, ten working days after the delivery date thereof if no complaint is made pursuant to clause 11 and 12.
  9. The Client is responsible for checking the translation delivered to make sure that this work fulfils its objectives including, but it is not limited to works destined for publishing and/or external dissemination.
  10. M21Global shall be considered the legitimate owner of all copyrights on all the translated texts, which may not be used, copied or reproduced in any form without the written consent, until the work is accepted by the Client.
  11. Any complaint about services provided by M21Global must be submitted in writing as soon as possible, but no later than ten working days following receipt of the work.
  12. For a complaint to be considered valid, it must explicitly state the reasons for presented service’s lack of quality, and the Client, shall state in a detailed manner therein, the parts of the service deemed to be lacking in quality and/or not conforming to their expectations, stating and substantiating the reasons in respect of each part complained of together with the alternative text deemed by the Client, illustrating the lack of quality.
  13. All complaints will be dealt with in order to provide the Client with work that is in accordance with the contracted conditions.
  14. In the event of a dispute that cannot be remedied, the Client shall withhold or delay payment in respect of the part of the part of the word where the complain is not valid in accordance with paragraphs 11 and 12, in proportion to the amount invoiced.
  15. Any claim related to invoices must be submitted in writing within ten days after the delivery of the invoice, otherwise it shall be deemed accepted by the Client and they cannot withhold payment. In all cases, the Client undertakes to pay for the work, or part of the work which has not been formally challenged within the due date provided for in this contract.
  16. Interest at the applicable rate in force shall be charged on all amounts that are not paid by the due date, pursuant to Portuguese Law.
  17. The client shall not request and M21Global will not accept cancellation of invoices based on the request for a change in entity to invoice.
  18. In the event of late payment, the parties hereby agree that M21Global may suspend the work in progress and, as a penalty clause, apply an additional 8 % fee, with a minimum of € 300.00 of the amount of the overdue invoice, whichever is higher.
  19. In the event of any liability being attributable to M21Global, such liability will never exceed the invoiced amount.
  20. In case of dispute regarding the interpretation or performance of any of the provisions of the General Conditions herein, the jurisdiction of the District Court of Lisbon is hereby accepted, with express waiver of any other.
  21. In case of doubt, the Portuguese version of this document takes precedence.
  22. M21Global is the trademark of Multilingues21 - Traduções e Edições Técnicas Multilingues, Lda., a company registered in Lisbon, Portugal with the number 507 983 815, and with headquarters in Av. Infante D. Henrique, n.º 333H - Esc. 15 - 1800-282 Lisbon, Portugal.