Certified Translation Company

Quality is of the utmost importance to the translation company M21Global - Multilingues21, Lda. In relation to all the services provided to its clients, in particular the translation services. Accordingly, we have now certified our processes using the certification firm Bureau Veritas (www.bureauveritas.com) with the international translation standard ISO 17100.

You can see a copy of the certification here:

ISO 17100 Certification thumbnail

The certification of this translation company guarantees that all translations comply with the requirements of this standard and that we deliver the best quality translations to our clients: translation and proofreading of all translation work by at least two experienced professionals ensures that the delivered work is in accordance with the needs of our clients.

M21Global - Multilingues21 Quality Policy for Translation Services is based on the constant search for our Client’s satisfaction and that of other stakeholders, and the continuous improvement of company performance, which are evident in the company’s culture.

Translators and proof-readers should translate in accordance with the purpose of the translation project, including the language conventions of the target language and relevant project specifications. Throughout this process, the translator shall provide a service in compliance with this Standard as regards the following:

  • Conformity with the terminology for the specific area and the client and/or with any other reference material provided, ensuring the terminological consistency during the translation;
  • Semantic precision of the content of the target language;
  • Adequacy of syntax, spelling, punctuation, diacritical marks and other orthographic conventions of the target language;
  • Lexical and phraseological coherence;
  • Conformity with any internal and/or client style guide (including area variants, linguistic register and language variants);
  • Local features and any applicable standards;
  • Formatting;
  • Audience and purpose of the target language content.

All translators and proof-readers who collaborate with M21Global - Multilingues21, should have the following proven competencies:

  • Translation competence;
  • Linguistic and textual competence in the source and target languages;
  • Competence in research, acquisition and processing of information;
  • Cultural competence;
  • Technical competence;
  • Competence in specialisation areas.

The abovementioned competences must be acquired through one or more of the following means: higher education in translation (recognised diploma); equivalent qualification in any other area, plus at least two years of proven experience in the translation practice; or, in the absence of further training, at least five years of proven professional experience in translation.

In this way we ensure all our clients’ translations of the highest quality, done with the utmost competence and with unsurpassed professionalism.