How a translation company like M21Global can help expats and immigrants settle in Portugal

Emigrating to a new country presents a number of challenges, one of the most significant and immediate of which is the language barrier. A translation company plays a crucial role in adapting to the new reality. M21Global, a translation company with more than 15 years of experience, certified by the international quality standard ISO17100, plays a decisive role in this area, providing a series of services that facilitate immigration and integration of the individual and their family in the new host country.

More and more people are crossing borders, in search of new horizons in foreign countries for a myriad of reasons: to study, to work or simply for a change of scenery.

Considering the Portuguese context, this new mobility has caused a significant increase in the number of expatriates (or immigrants, individuals living outside their home countries for various reasons) seeking Portugal as their new host country.

Portugal has seen a significant increase in the number of expatriates, given that many have chosen Portugal as their new country of destination (twice the number of foreign legal residents between 2015 and 2022); their decision has been driven by several attractive factors, mainly the mild climate, quality of life, safety, political stability, relatively low cost of living and the country’s rich culture and history.

In addition, Portugal offers a wide range of opportunities for those wishing to start a business or invest; these enticements, coupled with a well-developed labour market thanks to its quality education system, contribute to the presence of a diverse and welcoming expat community which, in turn, reinforces Portugal’s appeal as a preferred destination for expats.

In a more global context, settling in Portugal can serve as an excellent gateway to the European Union, making it possible to explore and capitalise on opportunities across the Union of 27 countries and almost 450 million people (the world’s largest trading bloc, as the bloc that exports the most goods and services, and the one that imports the most from more than 100 countries).

Finally, the attractiveness of immigrating to Portugal includes the fact that the Portuguese passport is considered one of the most valuable in the world, allowing its holders to enter more than 180 countries and territories without the need for special formalities, such as visas, or even a visa upon arrival or electronic travel authorisations. This ease of access ranks the Portuguese passport 5th place in the global ranking, alongside the Belgian, Norwegian or Swiss passports, among others.

M21Global, based in Portugal, has a long history of helping expatriates looking to establish themselves in the country – for example, by hiring foreign collaborators or applying additional discounts on translations – offering a full range of essential translation services for expatriates during the immigration and integration process.

The importance of a translation company in immigration

Moving to a new country is a challenge, which requires a lot of courage and a great deal of flexibility and humility. Cultural differences, a new language, adapting to a new reality, the need to establish new social and professional networks, among others, are part of the complexity of the experience as an expatriate. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is the immigration bureaucracy, namely all the documentation needed to successfully complete the process. Since this process is already a difficult and demanding experience, it becomes even more challenging when the official language of the country of destination is different from the expatriate’s native language.

A translation company can make the difference. Companies such as M21Global, specialised in professional translation, can assist in the efficient processing, translation and legalisation of documents required for immigration, helping to navigate complex bureaucracies in a foreign language.

One of the first steps in the immigration process involves submitting several official documents that need to be translated into Portuguese. This list can be long and varied, including passports, birth, marriage and divorce records, criminal records and more.

Each of these documents is decisive in the immigration process. An inaccurate or faulty translation can cause the application to be delayed, or even rejected. Details such as mixed letters, different dates, poor print quality or different spellings on double-spelled names can be enough to put the brakes on the application process. Using a certified translation company like M21Global, capable of accurately and effectively translating these documents, is crucial. It is also common for immigration authorities to additionally require these translations be certified or authenticated, services that M21Global can guarantee so that all documents are legally valid in Portugal.

Translation of legal documents

For expats who are moving due to professional reasons or who are acquiring properties in Portugal, the need arises for the translation of a wide range of legal documents. These documents can range from legal contracts, purchase and sale agreements, public deeds, wills, powers of barrister, among others.

Understanding the legal language and the terms used can sometimes be complex, even if they are in the immigrant’s own language, even more so in a foreign language, which they are not fluent in. Professional translation companies such as M21Global can ensure the accurate translation of these documents and the correct interpretation of all legal terms and expressions contained therein.

Translation of professional records

For expatriates in search of job opportunities, translation of evidentiary documentation for a professional CV is essential. Documents such as resumes, reference letters, diplomas, certificates and others, must be translated in a way that properly highlights the expatriate’s skills and experiences for potential employers.

The education system and professional qualifications sometimes vary considerably from one country to another. A qualified translation company, such as M21Global, guarantees not only accurate translation, but also the appropriate equivalences of the expatriate’s qualifications and skills in the Portuguese context.

Translation of websites and marketing materials

For expats arriving with the aim of expanding their business, the ability to communicate effectively with local customers is key. M21Global offers accurately and culturally relevant translation of websites, marketing materials, service contracts and other commercial documents, helping to promote a business’ visibility and credibility in the Portuguese market.

In short, a translation company plays an key role in an expatriate’s immigration process, helping them overcome the language barrier and successfully settle in a new country. With its vast experience, proven competence and a dedicated team of professional translators, M21Global is the trusted choice for expats planning to settle in Portugal. The company offers peace of mind in knowing that all translation requirements will be handled effectively and professionally.