Companies and Business

programming 0 o 1We have the technical and human resources required to create excellent translations with unmatched quality. Under the technical area of Companies and Business, to name a recurring technical area, we have already translated more than 50 million words with emphasis on the economic, tax, legal, financial and administrative areas, in more than 25 languages.

In addition to the traditional languages – Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German – we also translate into all the languages of the European Union, such as Italian, Flemish or Danish. We also translate into Russian, Arab and Chinese.

Clients who engage in the internationalisation of their businesses and dozens of start-up companies have sought M21 Global to assist them, receiving a top quality service for less money. We offer all written translation services, copydesk, final proofs for graphic arts, for both national and international markets, market research and new foreign contacts, also providing import/export support, in all its aspects.


Your company’s website is now a window into your company and, more than ever, your privileged point of sale. It’s important that the website conveys the appropriate message in the important business languages and that it’s functional, intuitive and easy to use. The website should be prepared, early on from its creation, to be found on the first search results page (SEO). A website that isn’t found is an invisible website. An invisible website is a website that doesn’t sell, accumulating losses.

An invisible website is also one that is only in English. More and more, residents in the United Kingdom have another mother tongue that is not English. Translating your website into the main languages doesn’t substantially increase its cost and it brings you immeasurable visibility returns in new markets.

With M21 Global, internationalisation will be more effective and economic! Above all, it will be of better quality!