99 % of our clients are satisfied with our services!

As part of M21 Global’ continuous improvement process, we started sending an automatic satisfaction survey to all our clients. Our e-mail, sent after the requested work had been delivered, had four questions:

1. What is your level of satisfaction with our services in general?

2. How likely are you to recommend our services to a colleague or friend?

3. What is your level of satisfaction regarding the service received?

4. What is your level of satisfaction regarding the translation service rendered?

Between 1 March and 2 May 2019, we sent approximately 300 surveys and, of those, received 58 replies. This number amounts to a sample close to 20 % of all the clients we worked with during this 3-month period, which leads us to believe that the result obtained may be extrapolated to the total number of clients in our portfolio.

If we also bear in mind that less satisfied clients are more likely to give their opinion than satisfied ones, then these numbers take on a fantastic dimension, which leaves us very satisfied.

The clients that answered our survey fall into the following categories:

  • Foreign and/or Multinational Companies 45 %
  • Portuguese PLC 22 %
  • Portuguese LLC 14 %
  • Public Entities 7 %
  • Private Clients 7 %
  • Law Firms 5 %

The answers received to the 4 questions were the following:

5 0 o


3 0 o


1 0 o


4 0 o


2 0 o