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Technical Translation

The translation of technical and legal documents has proven, over time, to be a difficult and costly process. Since it must be carried out by highly skilled professionals, the work process is slower than in non-technical translations, in addition to being more expensive. There are also some requirements that make this process more time consuming. In addition to the linguistic consistency, it is important to keep the terminology consistent while faithfully reproducing meaning.

The use of technologies based on Translation Memories has dramatically improved the efficiency of this process. Tools such as Trados and Wordfast (among others, some developed in-house) allow consistency within the translation of a text to be ensured by the use of the same expression throughout the document. Furthermore, it allows more translators to work on the same text and thus have shorter delivery dates.

In short, the advantages of these and other technologies are mainly in improved quality, all while reducing both time and costs. We have one of the best platforms available today for this purpose, thus enabling us to have the best quality and the most competitive prices in the market.

We are your reliable partner - one you can trust. We consider it our obligation to contribute effectively to the success of our customers. Your success is our success.

These are our commitments:

  1. We analyze the texts to translate and the needs expressed by the customer so that we may provide a perfectly personalized service.
  2. We prepare the quote in the fairest way possible, based on the previous analysis, offering the best cost / benefit.
  3. Our quotes are prepared and sent in less than two hours.
  4. We employ, in the commissioned translation, the most qualified translators and revisers and only native translators and revisers whose mother tongue is the target language.
  5. We carry out a revision of the translation by a reviser other than the translator (or group of translators) who carried out the translation, because this gives the reviser a distance from the text that will allow him or her to more easily find any less noticeable flaws.
  6. Quality control is performed in all three phases of the translation to ensure that the translation is according to the customer's wishes.
  7. We comply with the delivery time and quality level.
  8. We guarantee the lowest price for each service level.
  9. These tasks are performed when necessary by several translators. The review is done by a single reviewer to ensure the internal coherence of the text.
  10. If the work falls short of the expectations of the customer, we analyze the reasons and correct the translation, adapting our internal processes for the future.
  11. The translation is only considered complete when the customer is completely satisfied.
  12. Because we want to continuously improve, at the end we analyse the entire process.