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Translation Services

We translate all technical, scientific and legal texts, as well as websites and software. We translate and certify documents and texts for official use. We have the best technical glossaries and advanced computer systems to support translation. These resources work together to provide the lowest price and best quality. Our translators and revisers are all native speakers and are dedicated exclusively to written translation.

Our translation company guarantees the translation, internally and using our international partners, of European languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese.

Our accumulated experience, combined with rigorous Quality Control, ensures top quality translations in the following technical areas: civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering, IT and telecommunications, finance, marketing, legal documents, specifications and tender bids, technical manuals and high quality commercial brochures.
We translate Press Releases, contracts, proposals, legal proceedings, and technical manuals, among others.

Types of Translation

Our service is customized and tailored to the real needs of the Client.

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Normal Translation Translation includes translation and revision by experts in the target language. A service intended for official use, tender bids and similar documents. This service offers two deadlines:

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The Standard Deadline, a normal period of work, in which we offer the best quality at the best price. It is the period intended for customers that still have comfortable margins of time for the presentation of projects and proposals.

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The Reduced Deadline Deadline is a shorter period, in which we apply more human resources to ensure the same quality in less time. This period is suitable for customers who have very tight deadlines and therefore need the highest quality translation in the shortest amount of time.

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Premium Translation includes, in addition to the quality and services of Normal Translation, an extra special review, consisting of a perfect idiomatic adaptation to the purpose of the translation by a native editor knowledgeable in the subject area and resident in the country of destination. It is intended for publishing articles and books, high quality brochures, websites and similar documents, and because of its complexity, is available only with a single deadline.

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A Simple Translation is used in special cases. When the deadline is so tight as to exclude the revision of the translation, we deliver the translation to the translators with the best rating, minimizing the lack of revision. This translation is also more economical except in cases of extreme urgency.

Graphic Design and Layout

Because we know that the presentation is also important, beside translating all your texts and documents, we can also compose their graphical design and layout.

This company has performed thousands of translations of recognized quality, delivering the proper translation for each case and at the lowest price. Since its founding, we have translated more than 300 million words in over 25 languages. You can count on our reliable and experienced team!