Notice: M21Global’s offices will be closed on June 08 and June 13. We will resume our normal business activities on the following business days, at 9h30. If you need an urgent translation, please contact (+351) 96 14 14 14 0.

Ongoing Training of Translators

Our translators and revisers regularly attend training and refresher courses in a wide variety of translation fields. A translator is, primarily, a specialist in linguistics. It is from this base that they will grow as a translator. However, a translator translates documents in a range of technical fields, covering complex subjects with very specialised vocabularies. Translators thus become specialists in certain fields. At M21Global, we guarantee that all our translators are up to speed with the most recent developments in their respective specialist fields.

Each customer is different. The customer is the true specialist in their field of activity, so we work together with them to learn and improve, thus complementing our training and refresher courses. We use customer comments to continuously update our glossaries, so we can continue to learn with each new job and work to better fulfil each customer’s demands as time progresses.

All of the professionals involved in the translation chain are kept always up-to-date with new glossaries and information passed on from customers. Our customers are often surprised by the high quality of translations we are able to provide at very competitive prices.

We guarantee:

  • A serious and professional analysis of the translation request.
  • A fair and honest quote.
  • The best price for each translation and high levels of quality.
  • Precise translations with perfect vocabulary and style for the context and purpose.
  • Confidentiality of all documents delivered by the customer.

Zero errors, complete satisfaction

Our overall goal of zero errors and complete satisfaction rests on the following set of practices:

  • Choosing the best translators in the sector, pairing them with regular projects/customers, aiming for a long-term collaboration, whenever possible.
  • Using only translators who translate into their native language and are specialists in the field.
  • Ensuring that every translation is checked by a qualified reviser.
  • Performing quality control as part of our continuous improvement process.
  • Using and creating technical glossaries and style guides.
  • Continuously updating our database and terminology banks.
  • Employing technology to standardize, integrate and streamline all of our processes