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Approximate repayment calculation

or the amount of financing corresponding to a certain repayment

Check whether ALD, PME Invest or other repayments are reasonable. See how much you will end up paying for them.

The reference Euribor 6 month interest rate is currently -0.2%.
The bank generally increases its spread by between 2% and 5%, depending on the bank and your customer profile.

If the bank provides you with several services: current account, applications, insurance, salary account, savings-housing, payment of services (water, electricity, telephone), credit card, etc., it is reasonable to expect a lower spread.

Another major reason for reducing the spread is the extent to which the risk is mitigated. In other words, the higher the value of the property or real guarantees related to the loan, the lower the spread can be.

Stamp duty and the cost of insurance are the monthly fees added to the repayment.
These additional costs amount to around 8% of the basic repayment, depending on the insurance company that is chosen.

If you want to perform the calculation in reverse and find our how much you can get for a certain repayment, use the calculators on the right.
However, don’t forget to deduct approximately 8% of additional fees from the repayment.

Repayment calculation

Interest Rate:
Loan duration (years):

Monthly repayment
before tax and insurance:

Financing calculation

Monthly repayment:  
Interest Rate: